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Wales vs Switzerland Live Score

74' GOOOOOOOOOALLLLL! MOORE EQUALISES FOR WALES! James wanders across to the right to take a corner before going short to Allen. The midfielder offloads to Morrell, who whips an inviting delivery towards the near post. Moore gets across his man, flicking a header past Sommer and into the bottom left corner to make it 1-1 in Baku. Page’s faith in the Welsh forward has been repaid!

49' GOOOOOOOALLLL! 1-0 SWITZERLAND! Shaqiri whips in a corner from the right-hand side towards the six-yard area. Embolo holds off the challenge of Roberts, using his strength to keep the right-back at bay before heading into the bottom left corner. Due to the chance being from such close range, Ward can’t stop it and Embolo opens the scoring for his country!