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Switzerland vs Turkey Live Score

68' GOAL! Switzerland restore their two-goal lead, it's 3-1! Shaqiri with his second of the game after Switzerland catch Turkey out on the counter-attack. It's an excellent break away, with Turkey unable to get back in numbers in time and Zuber lays the ball through to Shaqiri to his right, who then smashes it past Cakir.

62' GOAL! Turkey pull one back, it’s 2-1! A moment of brilliance from Kahveci to score Turkey’s first goal of the game. They work the ball really well on the edge of the box, with Calhanoglu unable to work space for the shot himself, so instead he passes to Calhanoglu, who flicks it inside and then powers his effort into the top left corner of the net.

26' GOAL! Shaqiri doubles Switzerland’s lead, it’s 2-0! What a finish it is as well from the Liverpool man! Turkey fail to get close enough to their opponents, who work it well on the edge of the box, before Zuber lays it across to Shaqiri, who then curls the ball into the top right corner of the net.

6' GOAL! Switzerland take the lead after just six minutes! It comes from the first Swiss attack of the game, they work it well up the pitch, with Zuber receiving it on the edge of the penalty area, before laying it off to Seferovic, who has so much time to turn and then pick his spot. The effort flew straight into the bottom right corner of the net, with Cakir unable to reach it.