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Slovakia vs Spain Live Score

71' GOOOOOOAL! 5-0 SPAIN! Things go from bad to worse as Spain add a fifth. Pau Torres claims the goal but it looks like it has come off Kucka last as the midfielder clears into his own net. Initially, a loose ball cannoned all around the Slovakian area from a Spanish wide set-piece before Pau Torres looked to bundle home a header at the back post.

67' GOOOOOAL! 4-0 SPAIN! An instant impact for Torres comes as he scores with his first touch of the game. Sarabia goes short from a corner, exchanging a one-two with Pedri before making it to the right of goal, where he drills towards the near post. Torres drives in front of his opposite man, producing a lovely flick to spin a right-footed finish past Dubravka at the near post. Luis Enrique’s men lead by four now and they are coasting to the last-16 stages.

56' GOOOOOOALLL! 3-0 SPAIN! Luis Enrique’s men work it out to the left flank, via Busquets and Pedri, to find Alba. The left-back drills a low cross towards the penalty spot, where Sarabia holds his position to make space before clipping a low left-footed strike into the bottom right corner, courtesy of some help from the post. Dubravka has no chance of getting anywhere near the ball and Spain lead by three!

45' + 3' GOOOOOOALL! 2-0 SPAIN! Koke’s set-piece comes to nothing but the ball gets recycled outside the area and Pedri clips towards the right of goal. Moreno nips in front of Dubravka, drawing the goalkeeper off his line before chipping towards the six-yard area. Laporte climbs above Pekarik to redirect a looping header back into the top right corner. Dubravka can only stand and watch, remaining motionless as he watches a second goal go past him.

30' GOOOOOOOOOAL! 1-0 SPAIN! Sarabia regains possession high up the pitch, drifting inside and striking a left-footed effort into the crossbar as he looked for the top right corner. The ball loops in the air, hanging for what seems like an eternity, before Dubravka goes to punch away on his goal-line. Somehow, inexplicably, the Newcastle goalkeeper pushes into his own net under relatively little pressure from Morata. Spain wheel away in celebration and, after saving an earlier penalty, Dubravka goes from hero to zero.