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Belgium vs Russia Live Score

88' LUKAKU SCORES AGAIN! It's a great run through the middle by Meunier and Dideev tries to stop Lukaku from getting onto it, but he can't get near the forward. He gets his head up in the box before keeping his cool and slotting the ball into the near bottom corner to get his second of the game. 3-0 Belgium!

34' MEUNIER SCORES! Hazard whips a wonderful cross into the box and Shunin gets down to push it away from goal. He gifts it straight to Meunier though and he takes a touch before slotting it into the bottom corner and making it 2-0 Belgium! 

10' LUKAKU SCORES! It's poor at the back from Russia as they fail to intercept Mertens' pass. Semenov can't sort his feet out and Lukaku latches onto it before firing it into the bottom corner. He was standing in an offside position when the initial pass was played, but the defender's touch means that the goal stands. 1-0 Belgium!