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PSG vs Manchester City Live Score

28-04-2021 | 20:00 UK
1 : 2
Man City
FULL-TIME Champions League Semi-Final

71' CITY LEAD! It looks like De Bruyne is stepping up to take the free-kick Foden won just outside the box, but it's Mahrez that hits it. A big gap opens up in the wall between Paredes and Kimpembe which Mahrez curls his shot through and he picks out the bottom corner. 2-1 City!

64' DE BRUYNE EQUALISES! It looks like De Bruyne is putting a cross into the box after it's switched out to him from a corner. Navas waits for a City player in the box to touch it but it never comes and the ball nestles into the bottom corner before the keeper can react. 1-1! 

15' PSG LEAD! PSG win another corner which is put in by Di Maria. Marquinhos starts on the penalty spot and Gundogan loses him as he runs to the near post. He rises highest and glances his header across goal and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 PSG!