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UEFA World Cup Qual

85' GOOOOOOALLLLL!!!! 2-1 ENGLAND! Phillips swings his corner in towards the back post, where Stones manages to knock-down towards the penalty spot. Stones’ centre-back partner, Maguire, peels off his man and smashes a right-footed volley past Szczesny in the middle of the goal. The ball goes straight at the goalkeeper but the power Maguire has put behind it sends it straight into the back of the net.

58' GOOOALLLL!!!! 1-1! Stones, who has played out from the back comfortably all game, has plenty of time but takes too many touches and Moder tackles him. The loose ball falls to Milik, who pokes back through to Moder inside the area and the midfielder smashes a left-footed effort into the top right corner past Pope. Given the close range, Pope has no chance of stopping the powerful left-footed strike and Poland are level!

19' GOOOOOOALLLLL!!!! 1-0 ENGLAND! Kane steps up to the penalty spot, curling his right-footed strike down the middle as Szczesny dives the wrong way to his right. England’s captain claims the goal but the opener is all down to Sterling’s hard work and driving run to win the penalty.

18' PENALTY TO ENGLAND! Foden intercepts in midfield and the loose ball falls to Sterling, who goes on a surging forward into the penalty area. With Helik unsure which way Sterling is going to turn next, he clips the English forward's ankles and brings him down. Referee Kuipers doesn't hesitate as he points to the penalty spot!