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66' GOAL! REAL MADRID 2-0 GETAFE! That's a lovely goal by the hosts! Mendy runs into the box after passing out wide to Marcelo. Marcelo finds Mendy inside the six-yard box. Mendy slips on the wet turf but manages to find the far corner!

60' GOAL! REAL MADRID 1-0 GETAFE! Benzema breaks the deadlock! Getafe don't fully clear the free-kick and Madrid restart the attack. Vinicius has all the time in the world to cross from the right and Benzema nips in front of Cabaco to power a header into the net.

45' Madrid's free-kick doesn't lead to much. The hosts need to test Gefate a bit more here.
44' Cucurella's penalised for a crude challenge on Marvin. It briefly looks like the referee will get a card out of his pocket but a free-kick is all it will be.
42' Vinicius chases after Marcelo's ball dow the line but can't retrieve it. Madrid soon regain possession and Benzema scoops way wide of the left-hand post.
40' Benzema's speculative shot from outside the box deflects off a defender and into the arms of Soria. 
39' Arambarri buys a free-kick in midfield by leaning into the challenging Benzema. Getafe are continuing to hold their own.
37' Soria keeps the score level! Madrid switch the play quickly to Marcelo. The wing-back passes inside to Modric whose shot is straight at Soria. It goes out for a Madrid corner which Getafe clear.

35' Madrid keep hold of the ball as Getafe drop back. Portillo wins possession and succeeds in earning the visitors a throw-in.
34' Getafe have offered close to zero attacking menace yet but they're doing a decent job of staying solid. They're not making things easy for Madrid.
32' Chance for Madrid! Madrid take the corner short and Marcelo cuts back from the left for Varane who clatters a shot wide in a crowd of bodies.
31' Vinicius looks to cut inside and gets fouled. Modric floats in the free-kick and it looks to hit the head of a Madrid player. The referee points for a corner though.
29' Mendy recovers from a slip to win a free-kick. The Frenchman is lucky as he'd miscontrolled a long ball with Angel nearby.
28' Madrid work the ball out wide once again to Marvin whose cross is caught by Soria. Getafe have got the centre of the pitch blocked up.
26' Chakla knocks out for a throw-in with Marvin lurking then Asensio's cross is blocked. Marcelo picks up possession and fires wide from outside the box.
24' Madrid have had 70 per cent possession in the opening half of this half. Most of it isn't a bother to Getafe though.
22' Marcelo's shot inside the box is blocked. Next, Marvin has the flank to himself and fires in a first-time cross from the right of the box. It's got too much pace on it to find anyone in Madrid white.
20' Madrid look to be playing a 3-4-3 with Marcelo and Marvin as the wing-backs. It's limiting Getafe and their 4-4-2 so far.
19' Madrid are being patient with Getafe having offered no real threat yet. Vinicius gets a free cross in on the overlap and Getafe hurry it away.
18' Vinicius strays offside as Benzema tries to find him down the left. Mendy gets tugged down the same flank and wins a foul.
17' Asensio's cross causes no real concern to Getafe's defenders who clear it at the second attempt. Still, the traffic is distinctly one-way at the moment.
15' Marvin shows a burst of speed down the right, forcing Olivera to come across and foul him. Asensio will take the opportunity to send this free-kick in.
13' Benzema's run into the channel gets Madrid a corner down their left. Asensio fires the cross in and Benzema crashes a header against the top of the crossbar! The ball bounces out of play for a Getafe goal-kick.
11' Madrid are taking risks in passing the ball around their own penalty area with Getafe so keen to press. The hosts are managing to get away with it so far, but it only takes one mistake to look foolish.
10' Mendy carries the ball out of the box as Getafe fling the ball in. Marvin chases after a pass over the top but Getafe's goalkeeper Soria has got the situation under control.
8' Madrid take the corner short and don't create a real shooting opportunity. Still, Zidane's team are looking focused so far.
7' As expected, Madrid are starting to assert themselves on this game. Vinicius wins a corner for the hosts.
5' An early chance for Madrid! The free-kick comes in and rebounds to Casemiro at the near post. It looks like a tap-in for the Brazilian but he somehow conspires to fire over the crossbar.
3' Madrid win a free-kick down their left as Vinicius beats his man but gets taken out by the covering Cabaco. 
2' Getafe start brightly as Oliveira gets caught offside from Hernandez's throughball down the left.
1' Getafe get this game underway!