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Milan vs Inter Highlights

66' LUKAKU SCORES! It's another quick break by Inter that causes Milan problems and Lukaku finds the back of the net. He carries it a long way without being closed down by Romagnoli and he hits his shot from the edge of the box, curling it around Donnarumma and into the bottom corner. 3-0 Inter!

57' MARTINEZ SCORES! It's a great break by Inter and the Milan defenders just can't sort themselves out quick enough. Perisic pulls it back for Martinez in the middle and he fires it past Donnarumma for his second. 2-0 Inter! 

5' INTER LEAD! Martinez gets in between the two central defenders in the middle of the box and waits for Lukaku to swing the cross in. He rises highest and sends his header back across goal to put his side ahead. 1-0 Inter!