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Osasuna vs Real Madrid Highlights


Osasuna vs Real Madrid Highlights

90' + 2' Mariano goes down in the penalty area and yells for a penalty! Osasuna are initially terrified that the referee will give it only to be reassured when the official points for a goal-kick.
90' + 1' There'll be three more minutes of this. Osasuna will be extremely disappointed if they don't get at least a point from this. They've defended fantastically.
90' Chance for Madrid! Benzema heads towards goal from the left of the box and cuts back. Kroos is perhaps better placed but Mendy slashes at it with his right foot and the Frenchman's effort swerves way wide of the right-hand post. It just isn't Madrid's day.
88' For the second time in this match, Madrid bundle the ball home for Madrid but it's ruled out for offside. Mariano and Benzema are both behind Osasuna's defence when Kroos' pass is played with Mariano firing in from Benzema's takedown.
86' Chance for Osasuna! Budimir's shot from the centre of the box is blocked. Jony is first to the rebound but leans back and fires high and wide. Arrasate gasps down in the technical area.
84' Osasuna's free-kick doesn't lead to much. You suspect they'd be very happy with a fourth consecutive draw.
86' Chance for Osasuna! Budimir's shot from the centre of the box is blocked. Jony is first to the rebound but leans back and fires high and wide. Arrasate gasps down in the technical area.

84' Osasuna's free-kick doesn't lead to much. You suspect they'd be very happy with a fourth consecutive draw.
82' Budimir gets brought down by Varane just in front of Madrid's penalty area. Osasuna will get to test Madrid with a set-piece.
80' It's looking increasingly less likely that either side will find a winner here. Casemiro wins a free-kick in his own half as he's fouled by Budimir.
A. Budimir
J. Calleri
78' The industrious Calleri gets an early rest. The Croatian forward Budimir is on for Osasuna.
Rubén García
77' Now it's Osasuna's turn to make some substitutions. Jony replaces Ruben Garcia.
76' Mariano gets involved in the action straight away as the forward races through on goal and fires straight at Herrera. Mariano was offside though when Casemiro played him through.
L. Modrić
Real Madrid
75' Modric is next to head off. Isco comes on for Madrid.
M. Díaz
E. Hazard
Real Madrid
75' Here are those Madrid changes. The fairly anonymous Hazard is replaced by the more direct threat of Mariano.
74' Herrera bravely punches clear another cross, landing badly. Kroos picks up the pieces and looks to shoot but the whistle has already gone. Madrid are making a few more changes.
72' Madrid win a corner down their right. It's only their fourth of the game. The visitors fling a few crosses into Osasuna's box but the hosts see off each one.
70' Aridane beats Benzema for another header and Osasuna go on the hunt. Torres successfully turns past Hazard to pass to the opposite flank. Calleri's run creates some space in the box and Torres receives the ball back from Ruben Garcia to blaze over the bar. That was a good chance for the hosts.

69' Madrid are still positionally on top but Osasuna are holding firm. Vazquez ignores Valverde's run and switches play to the opposite side. Mendy receives the ball but can't stop it from going out for a goal-kick.
67' Calleri's hard work wins Osasuna a throw-in near Madrid's left corner flag. It's looped into the penalty area but Oier is penalised for a tug on Ramos.
F. Valverde
Real Madrid
66' Madrid make that substitution. The quiet Asensio is replaced by Valverde who'll take his place on the right flank.
64' We're approaching the final quarter of the game and Madrid are no closer to finding a winner as Modric heads over from inside the box. The visitors are preparing a change.
62' Madrid's latest attack breaks down as Asensio goes down clutching his face after being caught. Play initially continues until the referee blows his whistle and goes to check the Madrid man is OK. Thankfully he is.
60' Madrid have the ball in the net but it won't count. Kroos' cross from the left of the box is bundled over the line by Benzema after Herrera saved the Frenchman's initial bullet header at point-blank range. The referee points for a goal-kick as Benzema was just offside.
59' There's a nasty tangle between Hazard and Oier as Hazard slips in the treacherous conditions, catching his opponent. Osasuna get the free-kick.
57' Hazard shows some of his trickery as he breaks into the box thanks to a one-two. The Belgian can't get a shot away though and Osasuna break with the ball sailing out of play for a Madrid goal-kick.
55' The snow is still coming down in Pamplona. It must be freezing out there. Madrid work the ball well down their right and Casemiro thumps a shot into the advertising hoarding from 20 yards out.
53' Mendy whips in low from the left and Aridane is in the right place to block it. Osasuna retain the ball only to be forced back to Herrera who goes long and promptly loses possession.
51' We've already had more shots on target in this half than we had in the whole of the first half. Hold onto your hats, folks.
49' Calleri goes for goal from distance and forces a nice save from Courtois. Up the other end, Asensio cuts inside and lashes a shot from the D that Herrera tips aside. That's Madrid's first shot on target.
47' Madrid give Osasuna a brief scare as Herrera punches clear Asensio's cross. Madrid quickly come again with Modric sliding Benzema into the box but Herrera races off his line to smother the ball.
46' We're underway for the second half. No changes at half-time, apart from to the pitch where some of the groundsmen have been shovelling snow off the surface.
45' Madrid take the corner short and Herrera punches clear. Osasuna look upfield for Calleri but the striker's got too much ground to cover.
43' Madrid are struggling to create chances at the moment. Mendy takes a speculative shot from the left that goes between Vidal's legs and out for a corner.
41' Vidal's excellent tackle stops Mendy making progress in Osasuna's penalty box. Osasuna really have defended excellently so far.
40' Osasuna play keep-ball for a while. Eventually they circulate it to Torres wide right whose fizzed cross is blocked by a diving Ramos. Madrid have got to be careful.
38' Calleri latches onto a sloppy Madrid backpass and gets a throw out of it down the left channel. It's a thankless task the Osasuna striker's got here but he's doing it well.
36' Madrid get a free-kick in the centre of the pitch as Kroos gets caught by Oier. Herrera claims Asensio's high cross.
35' Madrid knock the ball around on the edge of Osasuna's box. Modric sends a searching ball in from deep and it goes out of play for an Osasuna goal-kick.
34' Osasuna see out Madrid's corner. The hosts are proving very obdurate opponents for Madrid so far.
32' Now Madrid get a few opportunities. Modric's clever inside-of-the-foot cross from the left worries Herrera who pushes it away. Modric picks up the pieces and shoots but it's deflected out for a corner.
30' Osasuna pepper Madrid's goal with a few half-chances. Garcia's corner causes a problem for Madrid's defenders and Courtois reaches up to save Oier's header towards the top left corner! Madrid can't fully clear with Oier having a shot blocked and Torres firing wide. Aridane loops a speculative effort into the arms of Courtois. 
28' Calleri does a great job of holding up a high ball, forcing a throw-in. Vazquez fluffs his pass back to Varane and Varane has to let it go out for a corner.
26' Madrid are huffing and puffing without really getting anywhere. Osasuna can be really pleased with their start to the half.
24' Perez muscles over Vazquez and concedes a free-kick near Madrid's corner flag. Zidane applauds his defender.
22' Varane booms a ball forward from the back that's trapped nicely by Hazard. It's worked to Mendy who crosses and Garcia beats Benzema in the air to clear.
20' Osasuna are starting to come out of their shell a bit now having weathered the first 20 minutes, not that Madrid have threatened them too much. Madrid get a goal-kick as some nice play down the right for Osasuna comes to nothing.
18' Chance for Osasuna! Garcia is in acres of space down the left and fires in a great cross that's just in front of Calleri. Calleri tries to slide onto it but can't quite reach it.
16' Osasuna are working exceptionally hard so far. Cruz cuts out Madrid's latest attack and Torres is sent away down the right with a great crossfield pass. Torres cuts back for the arriving Sanjurjo but Casemiro is on hand to put a stop to it.
14' Hazard rolls the ball across the six-yard box from the left but no one in Madrid white is able to get on the end of it. Osasuna soon get a free-kick.
12' Garcia does well to get behind Vazquez down the left and win a corner. Torres takes it but it doesn't beat the first man. Aridane tugs over Benzema to prevent the counter and cynically boots the ball away for good measure to stop Madrid taking it quickly.
11' Madrid have had 86 per cent possession so far. Osasuna are likely to be sitting back for most of this game.
10' Mendy keeps a crossfield pass by Casemiro in play and retains possession for Madrid. Hazard is unable to make anything of it though.
8' Osasuna are playing a deep 4-5-1 out of possession which is proving hard for Madrid to break down in these early stages. Zidane, in a black hat and coat, shouts some words of encouragement.
6' Mendy beats his counterpart Vidal down the left to burst into the penalty area. The Frenchman fizzes across goal but it goes out for an Osasuna throw-in on the opposite side.
5' Asensio wins Madrid's first corner of the game as he knocks a cross against Garcia. It's taken short to Vazquez who swings in from deep. It's too close to Herrera though who grabs it.
3' The snow's really coming down here. It'll take a while for the players to get used to the difficult conditions. Herrera claims a simple ball over the top intended for Benzema.
1' Osasuna get this game going!