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Wolverhampton vs Chelsea Highlights

Wolverhampton vs Chelsea Highlights

90' + 8' Semedo deflects the first set-piece out for a second.
90' + 7' This game is still not over, as the minutes continue to tick by. Chelsea win a corner. Mendy is up. Is there a final twist in this tale?
Wolverhampton Wanderers
90' + 5' It is end-to-end stuff all over the shop and a loose cross is whipped back to Vitinha in midfield. He slots it on to Neto on the left and the striker outguns Zouma to pull a glorious shot past the defender and Mendy into the bottom-right corner.
Pedro Neto
Wolverhampton Wanderers
90' + 5' GOAL! PEDRO NETO GETS HIS GOAL AND WINS IT FOR WOLVES! 2-1! He may have not won that penalty but the striker has surely snatched three points for the hosts! Sheer elation for the hosts, as the Portuguese drills a rocket of a finish home past Mendy on the counter!

90' Substitution Daniel Castelo Podence Vítor Machado Ferreira
89' Coady concedes a foul on the edge of Wolves' rear third and Chelsea play the free-kick quick. Chilwell cannot get purchase on a shot however and skies it over the crossbar.
87' This really is there for the taking by either side, though it is Wolves who are making the bigger breaks. A draw feels like a fair result - though Frank Lampard would surely dissent on that call.

N. Kanté
Yellow Card
85' Neto looks to have been fired up by that call and he races down the right flank again. Kante has to cut him down as almost the last man and gets booked for his troubles.

83' Decision overturned! The referee is beckoned to the screen, with replays showing minimal contact, and Chelsea are handed a free-kick. Neto cannot believe that decision, though he escapes with no card.

81' Penalty to Wolves! The referee thinks about it for a moment, before pointing to the spot after James comes in on Neto. VAR will have a look at this though, to see if there is potential simulation.
79' We're in end-to-end territory here. Otasowie deflects a Kovacic strike now and Patricio sweeps in to mop up the attempt.
78' Semedo! The defender carves a path in and opts to square rather than shoot near the right post. Chelsea just get across it with a wild deflection and ride their luck as Wolves fail to convert a follow-up.
Daniel Podence
Yellow Card
Wolverhampton Wanderers
77' A Wolves throw-in deep in Blues territory sees Podence end up with a yellow card after Chilwell holds onto it on the touchline and the striker bats it out his grasp impatiently.
76' Otasowie sends Abraham down with a mistimed challenge and Chelsea have a tempting set-piece opportunity 30 yards out. James whips it towards the top corner and Patricio pats it down easily.
74' Chelsea are finding some superb purchase down the left edge with Werner now though, causing all sorts of problems. Wolves get a let-off when Kante inexplicably catches a throw-in though.
72' Semedo fails to deal with an orthodox delivery into his own box and such is the unexpected nature of his miss, Werner entirely fails to seize the chance himself too. 
T. Abraham
O. Giroud
71' Goalscorer Giroud is also replaced by the Blues, with Tammy Abraham the newest arrival.
M. Kovačić
K. Havertz
71' It will be a double change from Chelsea now, with Havertz replaced by Mateo Kovacic.
70' Boly concedes a foul out on the wing near the technical area and prompts an outburst of dismay following his clean take. Podence meanwhile needs some treatment in back play.
68' Traore is continuing after some lengthy treatment, and what appears to be words from his manager telling him he must stay on the field. The substitute seems to have rolled his ankle.
O. Otasowie
Wolverhampton Wanderers
66' An assist on debut for Otasowie; what an impact from him! Lampard is fuming; he believes that corner should not have been awarded, and replays suggest that he may have a point.
Daniel Podence
Wolverhampton Wanderers
66' GOAL! DANIEL PODENCE LEVELS IT FOR WOLVES! 1-1! What a shot that is from the striker! Thiago Silva heads the delivery back out where Otasowie meets it. He plays his forward in, who dummies James and fires a blinder past Mendy at the near-left post! Game on!

65' This isn't good news for Wolves; Traore looks like he's picked up a foot knock already there. He may not be long gone. Boly meanwhile forces Silva to concede a corner from the set-piece.
63' Boly and James collide as the ball is blasted into the Wolves box. No action comes from it, but there is a free-kick after Traore is caught on the foot by Giroud a moment later.
Adama Traoré
Fábio Silva
Wolverhampton Wanderers
61' With the game there to be chased, Wolves make their second swap and bring on Adama Traore - notably greased up on his arms and legs - in place of Fabio Silva.
M. Mount
Yellow Card
60' Otasowie gets away from Mount twice and the England man ensures he won't a third time by scything him down. He gets the first booking of the game for that.
59' Chelsea have notched nine shots to Wolves' eight so far. Plenty of life hopefully left in this game yet.

57' The hosts have no restored their attacking legs and are looking to exploit the central channel a tad more. They are missing the ruthlessness of Raul Jimenez tonight though, that cannot be understated.
55' Fabio Silva! The striker thinks he has his first Premier League goal as he drifts into the Blues box on a now-rare counter, meets the ball and slots past Mendy - but the flag is up for offside. Better from Wolves though.
54' Wolves mostly look to have been shocked into a former of fetal submission since that strike and the Blues pepper their box. Havertz lurches close to a dangerous header and just comes up shy.
53' You can knock the former Blues star-turned-boss, but he has mostly delivered since he took charge after arriving from Derby County. He'll be elated - if cautious - to hit the summit if they hold on here.
51' Chelsea are heading to the top of the Premier League - at least, for several hours after this match - as it stands. Frank Lampard punches the air out wide as they come forward once more, James firing wide again.
B. Chilwell
49' What a horrible goal for Wolves to give away from a defensive position. Boly lets that drift past him, Chilwell's delivery snaking itself almost innocuously to the feet of Giroud. That hurts.
O. Giroud
49' GOAL! OLIVIER GIROUD HANDS CHELSEA THE LEAD! 1-0! The Blues have the breakthrough as the Frenchman volleys a square pass in at the left post. Patricio bounces it straight back out but the ball was well over the line - that's assuredly first blood to the visitors!

49' Havertz puts a heavy touch on Neves some 40-plus yards out from his own box and Wolves have a free-kick on the left flank. Fabio Silva meets it on the far edge of the box and squeezes a shot out.
47' It's one-way pressure from the Blues in the early exchanges here, with James blazing a shot from distance over, before Wolves steady themselves in midfield for a moment of respite.
O. Otasowie
L. Dendoncker
Wolverhampton Wanderers
46' A half-time change for the hosts here, and it's a big one; Dendoncker is off and 19-year-old Owen Otasowie is on for his Premier League debut.
46' We're back underway at Molineux for the second half. Will it be Wolves who can carve out an opening or will Chelsea turn that late near-miss into success here?
45' Zouma hits the woodwork! Another Chelsea corner is blasted in and the Frenchman hammers it into the crossbar with his head, with the rebound bouncing out off Giroud. What a leap; so close for the Blues.

43' The hosts clear the box easily from the corner again but find that working themselves out of their own half is tougher. Chilwell intercepts, counters and causes problems for Saiss to deal with.
41' Pulisic winds a slalom run around the Wolves box and wins a corner after the hosts rush his final touch out. A bit of push-and-shove delays the delivery.
39' Neves picks a pocket inside the Blues half and fires in again. His latest is released under pressure and tamely struck however, with Mendy untroubled by it.

37' Chilwell is causing plenty of problems with that set-piece long-ball, but Wolves weather this latest delivery with aplomb. Still no opener from either side to speak of.

33' No penalty! It's a glance under pressure, and the sort of call that might have gone against Wolves at another point this season. It does not this time however and nobody seems upset with the call.
32' Another Chelsea free-kick is pumped in by Chilwell and it falls innocuously enough - but VAR wants a second look for a handball against Coady as he goes up to challenge with Giroud.
31' Chelsea head the set-piece away but Neto brings it back down the left edge and wins a corner off Silva. Semedo blazes a subsequent attempt to finish well into the stand behind.

29' Silva gets caught by Kante after he turns the Blues man around and wins a free-kick over 40 yards out. An opportunity for Wolves here.

27' There's never a good time to pick up an injury of course, but both coaches tonight will be pleased if they come through unscathed. The busy festive schedule could seriously stretch their depth.

25' Patricio has to make a diving stop to punch away a speculative Chilwell cross passing perilously close to a clutch of attackers in blue shirts. This is an open encounter so far.

23' Ruben Neves smashes in a follow-up attempt from further out after Chelsea parry the resulting corner away from their box. Wolves are in this contest just as much as their visitors are.
22' Neto! Mendy has to palm away the striker's shot from his left post as it skitters in at pace from an inventive volley outside the box. The first real test for the keeper today.

20' Chilwell whips the set-piece in and Giroud times a beautiful run to meet it with his head. It tumbles a foot over the crossbar, agonisingly close.

19' Chelsea are finding a stronger foothold going down that left edge now, with Mount and Werner pushing them on. There's space to exploit and they do that now, with Marcal conceding a corner.
18' Wolves have been slow starters this season; they've scored only a third of their Premier League goals this campaign before half-time.

16' The hosts defuse the set-piece and Podence spears a manic counter-attack that requires some desperate defence from Kante to stop in its tracks.

15' Close for Werner! He gets a drifting touch to a lovely cut-back off the left wing and just slows before he can leather it in. Wolves muscle it out for a corner.
13' The Blues snap up a free-kick out on the centre-left flank which Chilwell lofts in. Zouma gets a head to it, but can't steer it towards goal and Wolves dig themselves out of the box with ease.

11' Chelsea have not lost successive games in the Premier League since last December, while Wolves have not lost three in a row for two years. Something may give here.
9' It has been a fairly even encounter so far, with both sides testing each other on the wings. The battle between the hosts' back three and the opposing attack could be a teasing one.
7' Coady mobs Giroud inside the Blues half and launches a pot shot from distance that drifts wide of the mark. Down the other end, a Chelsea counter forces a collision between Patricio and Boly

5' Semedo and Dendoncker combine with a one-two to back up a neat run for the former and win a corner. Neto whips it in and Saiss heads it well wide of the left post.

3' Marcal funnels a pass down the left wing for Neto to pounce on, though he cannot secure the cross he seeks as he aims to pepper the Blues box early on.
1' We are underway in this Premier League clash between Wolves and Chelsea!