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Manchester United vs Manchester City Live Score


Manchester United vs Manchester City Live Score

83' Maguire comes across to check the run of Sterling in the box. Sterling falls over with Maguire breathing down his neck and the referee couldn't be any less interested in giving a penalty. Man Utd goal-kick.
82' Man Utd clear the corner and Wan-Bissaka looks straight forward for Rashford. It's cut out though and United remain pinned in their own half. Man City are gradually growing in influence.
80' De Bruyne strikes the free-kick towards goal and Man Utd's defensive wall stands firm. Man City keep pressing the issue and get a corner.
H. Maguire
Yellow Card
Manchester United
79' Jesus knocks the ball past Maguire and draws the Man Utd defender into wafting his right leg. A yellow card is Maguire's reward, while City's is a free-kick just to the right of the D.
78' Pogba combines with Rashford to make it to the edge of Man City's box but Stones is on hand to clear the ball away. 
76' Rashford almost gets on the end of Fernandes' sliderule pass from the right. If he had controlled it Rashford would have had a great chance on goal. Rashford's touch lets him down though and Ederson comes out to smother the ball.
A. Martial
M. Greenwood
Manchester United
74' Man Utd make a substitution. Martial is on for Greenwood. Both sides seem content to hedge their bets with the status quo.
73' Shaw has a spot of trouble after being turned by Torres but decides to steel himself and continue. Man Utd clear the corner away without much incident.
71' Torres' introduction has added some pace to City's attacking play. Torres races at Shaw and is crowded out. City still have possession though and win a corner down their left.
70' Man Utd won't be too worried about Man City venturing forward more. That will give them more chances on the break.
68' Chance for Man City! Jesus takes down a lovely aerial pass in the box and lays off to the arriving De Bruyne. De Bruyne's shot is desperately blocked and Man Utd scramble it away.
67' Torres gets involved in the action right away by dribbling at Shaw only to find himself dispossessed. Still, Man City are starting to enjoy a little more of the ball.
Ferran Torres
R. Mahrez
Manchester City
66' Here's that City substitution. The quiet Mahrez is replaced by Torres on City's right wing.
65' Walker pings a crossfield ball to Sterling on the opposite flank and Sterling runs at Wan-Bissaka. The England man makes it into the box but can't find the right cross or shot and Man Utd get the goal-kick.
65' Man City get a free-kick in the centre of the pitch as Wan-Bissaka accidentally catches Jesus. City are preparing a change. 
63' Fernandes sends the ball forward for Greenwood to chase. Ederson punts it clear. The Man City goalkeeper's passing has been slightly below par.
62' De Bruyne fires the free-kick in but there's too much on it from the Belgian. It curls out of play for a Man Utd ball.
61' Fernandinho skips past Fernandes and is fouled by the Man Utd player. Man City have got a free-kick. Stones and Dias have gone forward for it.
59' Walker's low cross from the right is cleared. Cancelo takes on Wan-Bissaka and passes back to Fernandinho. City's captain chooses to shoot and fires wide.
57' De Bruyne tries to nod a pass on to Jesus but Lindelof comes across to cover. De Bruyne has been City's sole driving force.
55' Guardiola is surely thinking of changes. Man City have allowed Man Utd to build a bit of confidence in this game. City have offered precious little in this half.
53' Fernandinho has a shot blocked from range. Man Utd are starting to look more threatening on the counter-attack. Rashford runs into the space between Walker and Stones and slams a shot into the advertising hoarding left of Ederson's goal.
52' Greenwood darts onto the end of a pass down the line and cuts inside onto his left foot. Greenwood's resulting shot is tame and rolls wide in the box.
51' Man City win a corner down their left off McTominay. Man Utd manage to deal with it easily enough.
47' NO PENALTY TO MAN UTD! It's clear on second viewing that Rashford was a touch offside when Fernandes' cross was played. It's a let-off for Man City and for Walker in particular. Solskjaer makes a token protest from his seat.
47' PENALTY TO MAN UTD! Rashford takes a touch to control Fernandes' cross from the right in the box. The England striker's about to get a shot away when Walker steams in with a rash challenge. Rashford goes down and the referee points to the spot! VAR is taking a look at it...

46' The second half gets going. No changes by either side at half-time.

45' + 1' Sterling gets in front of Lindelof and rides a challenge from Pogba but can't beat the covering Shaw. City get a throw-in down their left through Cancelo.
45' City's players look unhappy with the way they're playing with Fernandinho trying to inspire more from his teammates. There'll be one added minute in this first half.
43' Pogba takes a ball beautifully on the turn with his back to goal and lays off to Greenwood. Greenwood goes straight for goal from just outside the box and forces a City defender to block. That's Man Utd's first decent chance from open play.

41' Man City aren't playing badly but are lacking the imagination we've come to expect from them under Guardiola. Sterling carries the ball down the left and United escape with it after a few City short passes.

39' Man Utd get a corner down their left and come close to scoring again. Fernandes is the taker this time and Lindelof gets ahead of Dias to flick a header wide of the far post.

38' Fernandes tries to roll Cancelo and passes inside to Greenwood. Wan-Bissaka fires in a high cross from the right but it's unclear who exactly he's aiming for with it. City get the throw-in on the opposite side.
37' United are moving the ball around nicely without going anywhere in particular. This will suit City just fine.
35' City get their first clear-cut chance of the game! Jesus scampers down the left to find De Bruyne who moves the ball straight on to Mahrez in the box. Mahrez goes for the near bottom corner and De Gea stands strong, and De Bruyne blazes over on the follow-up.
33' Rodri plays an ambitious ball over the top for Sterling when De Bruyne is perhaps better placed to receive the pass. City lose the ball and Fred soon ends up winning a free-kick off Jesus.
31' Shaw's corner deliveries have been United's biggest threat in the opening half hour. This time Maguire gets on the end of Shaw's cross to head over the crossbar.
30' Man Utd put together a great spell of passes near their own corner flag to get upfield. Fernandes somehow misses the easiest pass of the lot to slow the attack down. Still, United rally to win a corner.
29' This game would probably be much better if there were fans in the stadium. As things are it's a little dull. At least England boss Gareth Southgate is watching from the stands.
27' City win a free-kick down their left as McTominay fouls Rodri. Mahrez delivers a brilliant outswinging cross and Stones throws himself at it. Unfortunately for him so does Lindelof and the United defender does just enough to put his counterpart off.
25' City get a chance on goal as Jesus latches onto Mahrez's floated pass into the box. The Brazilian swings wildly at it, firing over the crossbar.

24' Shaw swings the corner in. City clear it but find themselves unable to break away on the counter-attack as Pogba commits a canny foul. It's all rather sluggish.
23' Fernandes steps up to take the free-kick and City's wall does its job. Man Utd get the corner down their right which Shaw will take.
22' Rodri's mistake hands Man Utd possession. Pogba tries to play Fernandes through the middle and Rodri dives in on Pogba to give a free-kick away in a dangerous central position.
20' Sterling works his way into the box from the left in a welcome injection of speed. United's defenders scramble to block the Englishman's shot and eventually manage to do so.
19' Rodri gets the foul from a tussle with McTominay. Neither side seems willing to fully commit to attacking in these opening 20 minutes.
18' The ball stays up in the air for a while with Man Utd eventually coming away with it. Fernandes takes a swing at Lindelof's pass forward from the back. He doesn't connect with it, but it was worth a try with Ederson off his line.

18' The ball stays up in the air for a while with Man Utd eventually coming away with it. Fernandes takes a swing at Lindelof's pass forward from the back. He doesn't connect with it, but it was worth a try with Ederson off his line.

16' City make progress down their right flank. De Bruyne bursts into the box in an attempt to latch onto a throw-in but United shepherd it out for a goal-kick.
14' Fred is really struggling with the bang he took to his hip earlier. Play stops while he receives further treatment. The Brazilian leaves the pitch before coming on to try to run it off one last time.
12' As you'd expect, De Bruyne is City's biggest creative outlet so far. The Belgian tries another pass through for Jesus which Maguire is well-placed to deal with. 

11' Chance for United! Lindelof flicks on Shaw's corner towards the far post. McTominay is arriving and stretches to reach it but can't divert into the net. City goal-kick.

10' It's been a slightly conservative start by both teams although it's starting to liven up now. Pogba spots Fernandes' run into the box and Fernandes wins a corner for United.

8' Shaw's lax pass is intercepted by Cancelo who takes City forward. City enjoy a little spell of possession with United having to stay patient. Mahrez's link-up with Walker doesn't work out and Man Utd get the throw-in. Fred is still moving gingerly.
6' Fernandes is next to take a knock from a City player as United's Portuguese talisman is brought down by Fernandinho. City are looking combative so far. De Bruyne attempts a throughball for Sterling who can't control the pass. City have a goal-kick.
5' Fred goes down holding his hip after a late barge from De Bruyne that hands United a free-kick. The Brazilian is smarting but it looks like he'll be OK to continue.

4' De Bruyne drifts into the left-hand channel and plays an ambitious outside-of-the-foot pass towards Jesus. Maguire steps across to cut it out.
2' Man Utd settle on the ball early on. Maguire pings a pass wide left to Shaw who's just strayed offside.
1' Both teams take the knee and the game gets underway!