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Başakşehir F.K vs Manchester United Highlights

Başakşehir F.K vs  Manchester United Highlights


90' + 3' WIDE! Shaw angles another cross into the box for McTominay to attack, but he sees his header travel wide of the left post.
90' + 2' OFF THE LINE! Epureanu saves Basaksehir again at the back. Maguire's header from Shaw's corner travels down towards goal. It gets flicked backwards by a Basaksehir defender, but the defender scrambles and boots it over his own bar with inches to spare. A huge moment in the game.
90' + 1' Turuc slides in hard and concedes a corner in a challenge with Shaw.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
90' Shaw sees his free-kick cleared by the home side, but United try to keep the pressure on.
İ. Kahveci
İstanbul Başakşehir
90' Ponck comes on to replace Kahveci for the home side.
M. Škrtel
Yellow Card
İstanbul Başakşehir
89' Skrtel takes out Martial down the left flank and goes into the book.
89' Fernandes angles a deep cross from the left flank in towards Maguire, pushing forward late in the game. He wins the header, but sends it straight into the hands of Gunok.
M. Topal
B. Özcan
İstanbul Başakşehir
87' Topal comes on to replace Ozcan, shoring up the Basaksehir backline.
86' Greenwood latches on to a knockdown from Matic in the box, but he takes a loose first touch and sends the ball out for a goal-kick. Frustration for the United forward.
85' United are struggling for ideas in the final third. They've offered next to nothing in the second half to put the home side under pressure.
83' Visca sends a cross into the box, but his delivery fails to beat the first man and Pogba brings it away for the visitors.
82' Gulbrandsen beats the challenge of Matic and lines up a strike from the edge of the box. Maguire gets across to divert his shot behind for a corner.
81' Shaw surges down the left flank and digs out a cross deep towards Pogba. However, Bolingoli clears the danger with a solid header.
F. Gulbrandsen
D. Ba
İstanbul Başakşehir
80' The tiring Ba is replaced by Gulbrandsen in the final third.
77' Fosu-Mensah passes his first defensive test at the back by blocking Visca's cross back on to the Basaksehir midfielder, earning a goal-kick for the visitors.
T. Fosu-Mensah
A. Wan-Bissaka
Manchester United
76' Wan-Bissaka is off for Fosu-Mensah down the right flank for United.
M. Greenwood
M. Rashford
Manchester United
76' Greenwood replaces Rashford in the final third for the visitors.
75' McTominay sends a dangerous pass down the right flank for Wan-Bissaka to chase. He sends a low cross towards the near post, but Epureanu is there again for the hosts to clear the danger.
73' Pogba sums up United's creative flair at the moment, arcing a cross well over the bar from the left flank.
71' Visca clips a ball over the top for Ba to chase, but Maguire ushers it back to Henderson. The forward is beginning to show tired legs out there after a good shift up top on his own.
68' Martial wins a corner down the left flank, but the resulting delivery from Fernandes is gathered with ease by Gunok. United need more from their attacking players.
66' Ba wins possession in the middle of the park and spots Henderson off his line. He lines up a spectacular strike from distance, but slips as he connects, sending it trickling towards the United keeper.
66' Visca and Bolingoli combine down the left flank, but the cross from the latter is deflected by Wan-Bissaka and chested back to Henderson by Maguire.

64' Basaksehir are getting deeper and deeper towards the edge of their own box. Rafael does well to dispossess Martial and win a free-kick to ease the pressure.
62' Fernandes probes on the edge of the box, but he gets crowded out before he can muster a strike at goal.
E. Cavani
Manchester United
61' Mata is withdrawn for Cavani in the final third for United.
P. Pogba
D. van de Beek
Manchester United
61' Van de Beek makes way for the visitors and is replaced by Pogba.
P. Pogba
D. van de Beek
Manchester United
61' Substitution Donny van de Beek Paul Pogba
60' Fernandes lines up a drive from distance and his effort takes a deflection. Gunok is concerned for a second, although he backpedals to make an easy claim.
59' Skrtel is alert at the back to divert a low ball away from Rashford in the box as Mata probes down the left flank.

54' Rafael brings down Fernandes on the edge of the box with a strong challenge. The referee awards a free-kick to the visitors in a dangerous position.

52' Wan-Bissaka has a surge down the right flank and sends a low cross into the box. Epureanu is on the spot for the home side to clear the danger once again.
51' Rashford tries to work himself into a shooting position, but Epureanu is there to make the intervention at the back.
48' It has been a scrappy start to the second half as United try to get on the front foot.

48' It has been a scrappy start to the second half as United try to get on the front foot.
46' We're back underway in Istanbul.
S. McTominay
A. Tuanzebe
Manchester United
46' Tuanzebe is replaced by McTominay in the United backline at the break.

Goal Man Unted 2-1

43' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! MARTIAL GETS ONE BACK!!!! 2-1!!! A vital lifeline for United as the Frenchman heads home. Shaw does well down the left and clips a dangerous cross into the box. Martial is afforded a free header six yards from goal, and he directs his effort away from Gunok into the bottom-right corner.

L. Shaw
Manchester United
43' Assist Luke Shaw
D. Türüç
İstanbul Başakşehir
40' Turuc does brilliantly down the left flank to rob Mata of possession before picking out Visca with his cross into the box. Visca does the rest with a sublime finish.
E. Višća
İstanbul Başakşehir
40' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! VISCA FIRES IN A SECOND FOR BASAKSEHIR!!! 2-0!!!! The home side double their advantage with a thunderous strike from Visca. Mata loses out to Turuc down the left flank and he fires a low ball into the box. Ba cleverly allows it through his legs, leaving Visca with a shooting chance. The midfielder does not need a second invitation, hammering his effort past Henderson.

Goal Basaksehir 2-0 

39' United build down the right flank with neat interplay before Fernandes whips a cross into the box. However, no one attacks the delivery and Gunok makes a simple claim.
37' Kahveci finds acres of space on the break down the left flank. He reaches the edge of the box and beats the first defender Tuanzebe. The midfielder opts against the shot and offloads to Aleksic, but Maguire gets a vital foot in to disrupt the attack.

35' Aleksic clips his cross towards the back post, but he gets too much power on his delivery and sends it out for a goal-kick despite the best efforts of Epureanu.
34' Matic sticks out a leg and brings down Turuc right on the edge of the box on the left flank. Basaksehir have a free-kick in a very dangerous position.
32' SAVE! Bolingoli surges down the left flank and lifts a dangerous cross into the box. Aleksic attacks the delivery late and heads towards goal, but he sends his effort straight at Henderson.
30' BLOCK! Wan-Bissaka threads a cross towards Martial in space in the left inside channel. The Frenchman lines up a strike on his right foot, only to be denied by a great block from Rafael.
28' Fernandes takes a neat first touch on the edge of the box to open up the Basaksehir defence. However, Ozcan gets back just in time to dispossess the Portuguese before he can shoot.
27' Ba puts Tuanzebe under pressure at the back from a long ball forward, but the defender completes his header back to Henderson.
26' Visca offloads into the feet of Ba, who looks for an immediate offload towards Bolingoli on the charge. However, the left-back moves a fraction too soon and is caught offside.
24' The home side are doing a solid job at the back of thwarting the Red Devils. United need their playmakers to conjure a piece of magic in the final third.

22' BLOCK! Aleksic lines up the free-kick, but he hammers his strike straight into the wall from 25 yards. Bolingoli attempts an effort on the rebound, only to suffer the same fate.

20' Yellow Card Axel Tuanzebe
18' Rashford has to get back for the visitors to clear the danger from Bolingoli's cross. It's not a good sign that the forward is forced to defend that deep in the early stages.
16' United cannot afford to let the manner of Ba's goal effect them. The Red Devils had made a bright start, but their defensive lapse has put them under pressure.
14' Ba has now scored in each of his two Champions League starts - his last start was in December 2013 for Chelsea vs FCSB, six years and 329 days ago.
E. Višća
İstanbul Başakşehir
12' Visca sends a simple ball over the top for Ba to chase and convert.

Goal Basaksehir 1-0

12' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! BA PUTS BASAKSEHIR IN FRONT!!! 1-0!!! The home side catch United cold at the back and Ba races through on goal to slot his effort into the bottom-right corner. A simple clearance from the back from Visca finds Ba in acres of space on the half-way line with a path clear to goal as no defender is within five yards of the forward. Ba surges through and beats Henderson with a low strike. Too easy.

11' OVER! Visca is afforded space and time on the edge of the United box. He goes for a strike at goal on his right foot that just travels over Henderson's bar.

10' CLOSE! Van de Beek feeds Shaw on the edge of the box and he drills a low strike towards goal. His attempt travels wide of the right post and just away from the late runs of Rashford and Martial attacking it late.

9' Fernandes sends an ambitious long ball over the top for Mata, but it sails well in front of the Spaniard and out for a goal-kick.

6' Maguire lifts a long ball over the top for Fernandes' run in the right inside channel. The Portuguese strikes his effort first time, blasting it across goal. However, it fails to hit the target and there's no United player there on the follow up.
5' Bolingoli does well down the left flank to get the better of Wan-Bissaka. He offloads back to Ba, but the cross from the forward travels behind for a United goal-kick.

3' Fernandes sends a ball over the top in search of Rashford, but it runs away from the forward and travels into touch on the right flank.

1' We're underway in Istanbul.