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Barcelona vs Osasuna Highlights


73' MESSI SCORES! It's a brilliant goal by the Barcelona captain and he takes it past the defender on the edge of the box before drilling his shot past Herrera and into the far top corner of the net. 4-0 Barca! 

73' Assist Francisco António Machado Mota Castro Trincão
72' Torres makes a driving run down the right for Osasuna and Ruben Garcia backheels it. It loops up into the air and Ter Stegen comes off his line to collect it. He had team-mates in better positions and he might've been better leaving it.
70' OFFSIDE! Nobody is picking him up as he makes a late run into the box down the left and he hits the shot first time after being played in by Trincao. He keeps the shot low and it nestles in the far bottom corner. Trincao was stood in an offside position before he got the ball though and VAR disallows it.
68' OFF THE POST! Ruben Garcia cuts the ball back to Torres and he has time to let it bounce in front of him before hitting the shot. Ter Stegen is beaten after rushing off his line and the shot bounces back off the far post.
Carles Aleñá
C. Lenglet
67' Lenglet has to be helped off the field by the medical team and Alena is coming on in his place.
66' Lenglet has gone down holding his ankle and it looks like he's in a lot of pain. He went up for an aerial challenge with Ruben Garcia and the forward accidentally caught Lenglet when he fell to ground. Koeman is getting a sub ready and it looks like Lenglet's game is over.
D. Brašanac
64' Brasanac is also coming on, with Sanjurjo making way for him.
Roberto Torres
Iñigo Pérez
63' Osasuna are making a double change now and it's Perez going off, with Torres on for him.
Junior Firpo
S. Dest
61' And Dest is also coming off, with Firpo replacing him.
O. Dembélé
Philippe Coutinho
61' Coutinho is also being taken off, with Dembele on in his place.
M. Braithwaite
61' There's a triple change for Barcelona now and Braithwaite is the first to make way for Trincao.
59' It's a good cross into the box from Sanjurjo from the corner and he picks out Ruben Garcia in the middle. He flicks his header on towards goal, but Lenglet is there to get an important touch to see it wide of the near post.
A. Griezmann
57' Griezmann started the move when he won the ball off Sanjurjo and he continued his run down the left of the box to get it from Braithwaite and square it into the middle for Coutinho.

57' COUTINHO SCORES! Coutinho lays the ball off to Braithwaite and continues his run into the box through the middle. It's Griezmann that squares it to him and he taps the ball in from close range. 3-0 Barca! 

A. Griezmann
57' Assist Antoine Griezmann
56' Griezmann has scored in three of his last four LaLiga games (three goals in total), as many as in his previous 25 appearances in the competition.
54' Messi wins a free-kick in a good position down the middle and he's standing over it. He curls his effort up and over the wall, but there's not enough dip on the shot and it flies high over the bar.
52' GOOD CHANCE! Alba drills a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box but it misses Griezmann and Braithwaite in the middle. It looks like it'll fall for Messi at the far post, but Cruz gets a foot in to take it away from him.
50' Osasuna win the ball back off Barca in their own half and Roncaglia finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box. He's trying to curl his effort in at the near post, but it's a comfortable stop for Ter Stegen.
48' It's patient play from Barcelona as they keep possession in their own half and try to bring Osasuna out of their shape. Busquets tries to play a throughball into Coutinho, but it's cut out by Perez.
46' SAVE! It's a bright start by Osasuna and Ruben Garcia cuts inside from the left to have a shot. He drills it low across goal from outside the box and Ter Stegen gets down quickly to push it away.
46' Osasuna get us back underway for the second half! 
46' There's a change for Barcelona at the start of the second half and it's Busquets that's coming on for Pedri.

45' + 1' Coutinho spots Herrera off his line and decides to have a speculative effort from a long way out on the left. The goalkeeper is scrambling back towards his line, but it flies high over the crossbar.
44' Osasuna break quickly on the counter and Sanjurjo plays a good pass out to Budimir on the left. He has Ruben Garcia up with him but overhits his cross and it goes straight out of play.

42' GRIEZMANN SCORES! It looked like the chance had gone after Moncayola cleared Alba's cross, but his header fell nicely for the Frenchman. He hits the shot on the volley and Herrera has no chance as it flies past him into the back of the net. 2-0 Barca!

40' OFFSIDE! Barcelona don't clear their lines from Perez's free-kick and it comes out to Sanjurjo and he sends his diving header towards goal. Ter Stegen saves it and the follow-up from Unai Garcia, but can't stop the defender's second attempt. It won't count though as Sanjurjo was offside.
39' Osasuna are finding a bit more space to run into down the left and Roncaglia does well to get away from Pedri. Dest is quickly across to him though and ends up bringing him down.
37' Osasuna are seeing a bit more of the ball at the moment, but all of their possession is in their own half. They're patiently trying to play out from the back but just can't find a way in behind Barcelona.

35' Barcelona are asking for a penalty as they feel that the ball hit a hand in the box. Braithwaite's run was stopped by Unai Garcia and the forward is saying it hit his arm when it looped up, but the referee waves the claim away.
33' It's a good run by Coutinho and he carries the ball a long way as he cuts inside to get into the box. He ends up overrunning it in the end though and he's crowded off it by three Osasuna defenders.
31' It's taking a while to restart the game as Osasuna are adamant that there was a handball by Messi just before the ball crossed the line. VAR had a look at it, but the Barcelona captain doesn't get a touch on the ball and the goal will stand.

M. Braithwaite
29' BARCA LEAD! It's a great double save just before the goal by Herrera to deny both Coutinho and Braithwaite from point-blank range. But the ball loops up and hits Braithwaite again and he manages to bundle it across the line. 1-0 Barca! 

27' CLOSE! Messi squares the ball to Coutinho on the edge of the box from the right and he goes for goal first time. He curls his shot around the defender in front of him, but can't keep it down and it sails just over the bar. 

25' Osasuna just can't get a touch on the ball at the moment as Barca continue to push forward. They're looking to Alba down the left, but once again, he can't pick out a team-mate with his low cross.

Juan Cruz
23' Jony limps off the field with the medical team and goes straight down the tunnel. Cruz is on in his place.
22' The ball finally goes out of play and the Osasuna medical team are on to give Jony some treatment for what looks like a hamstring injury. They're signalling to the bench and he won't be able to carry on.

21' Jony is down for Osasuna, but Barcelona are continuing to play despite Arraste's protests. Alba is once again high on the left and he drills a low cross into the box, but it's blocked by Unai Garcia.
19' Herrera plays a quick goal-kick out to Jony on the left and he makes a driving run down the wing. He puts a good cross into the box and Budimir stretches out a leg to reach it. His shot is always rising though and it flies just over the bar.
17' Coutinho picks out Griezmann's run down the left of the box and he takes the shot first time. He drills it low across goal, but can't get his shot on target as it rolls wide of the far post.
15' SAVE! Messi has a shot blocked by Vidal but Barca manage to keep hold of the ball. Griezmann chests it down and hits the shot on the volley and Herrera gets a strong hand to it to push it away.
13' Osasuna are sitting deep in their own half now as they try to block Barcelona's way into the final third. Griezmann gets into a pocket of space down the right, but it's a poor cross from him and Navas heads it away.
11' OFF THE LINE! Barca break quickly and Griezmann takes the ball around Herrera, who rushed off his line, before cutting it back to Messi in the middle of the box. He hits the shot first time and Unai Garcia got back quickly to make the block.
10' Moncayola is finding some space to run into down the right now and he floats a good cross into the far post. He's looking for Budimir, but Dest gets back quickly to head it away from him.
8' Messi switches play out to Alba, who is in a lot of space on the left, and he puts his cross into the box first time. He has Griezmann running onto it at the far post, but he misses it completely and Osasuna clear it.
6' Barcelona have started the game brightly and are putting Osasuna under more early pressure. Dest chases Mingueza's throughball down the right and drills a low cross into the near post. It's just behind Braithwaite though and Herrera holds onto it.
4' Braithwaite times his run perfectly to stay onside and get on the end of Alba's throughball. He takes it to the byline before squaring it into the box towards Griezmann, but it's blocked by Vidal.
2' Griezmann nicks the ball off Moncayola in midfield and turns to set Barcelona on the counter-attack. He slots it into Messi, who curls a pass forward to try and pick out Braithwaite, but it's cut out by Unai Garcia.
1' Braithwaite gets the game underway for Barcelona!