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Real Madrid vs Huesca Highlights


90' + 2' Huesca go straight up the other end and win a free-kick on the left. It's swung into the far post and Ramirez is running onto it, but Marcelo gets back in time to knock it out for a corner.
Real Madrid
90' It's a great cross into the box from Marcelo on the left to pick out Rodrygo at the far post. The substitute cushions his header onto Benzema to set up the goal.
K. Benzema
Real Madrid
90' BENZEMA SCORES! The Frenchman is unmarked in the middle of the box when Rodrygo nods it onto him and he heads in from close range for his second of the game. 4-1 Madrid! 
Sandro Ramírez
Yellow Card
88' Castillo slides in late on Modric in an attempt to win the ball back and is booked for the tackle.
87' Huesca are still pushing forward in search of another goal, but they're struggling to find a way in behind Madrid at the moment. Mir turns away from Kroos on the edge of the box but runs straight into Ramos, who clears his lines.
85' Modric makes a good run down the left of the box, but he has no one up in support with him. He tries to hold it up but Pulido is quickly over to him and manages to win a goal-kick with his efforts.
G. Silva
83' Huesca make their final change now and Luisinho is making way for Silva.
81' It's a good run by Modric down the left of the box, but he doesn't have support up with him in the middle. He tries to hold it up, but Pulido is quickly over to him and manages to force it out of play.
D. Siovas
Yellow Card
79' Siovas picks up the first yellow card of the game for a late challenge on Benzema.
78' Valderrama plays a throughball forward into the left of the box, looking for Mir's run. He tries to get away from Ramos, but the defender manages to nick it off him and clear the danger.
76' Huesca are keeping the ball a lot better now and they look a little more confident than they did earlier in the half. They're keeping Madrid penned back deep in their own half, but can't find a way in behind them again yet.
Rafa Mir
74' Mir spots Ferreiro's run into the box and swings a great cross into the far post for him to score from.
David Ferreiro
74' HUESCA PULL ONE BACK! It's a great cross into the box from Mir and Militao doesn't spot Ferreiro's run on the outside. He slides in at the near post and pokes the ball past Courtois and into the back of the net. 3-1! 

54' VALVERDE SCORES! He's unmarked on the right of the box and by the time the Huesca players spot him, it's too late. Benzema picks him out and he drills a low shot across goal and into the far-bottom corner. 3-0 Madrid!

52' Substitution Lucas Vázquez Iglesias Ferland Mendy
50' Luisinho cuts inside and swings a cross into the box from deep on the right. He's looking for Mir in the middle, but it's high over his head and goes straight out of play.
48' Huesca are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening minutes of the second half, but it's all been in front of Madrid. Ferreiro makes a driving run down the right, but he's eventually brought down by Marcelo.
46' Huesca get us back underway for the second half!

Lucas Vázquez
Real Madrid
45' Vazquez is given a lot of room down the right and he swings a wonderful cross into the far post for Benzema to run onto.
K. Benzema
Real Madrid
45' BENZEMA SCORES! He makes the run to the far post to get onto Vazquez's shot and chests the ball down to get away from Maffeo. It's a tight angle on the left but his shot goes under Fernandez's outstretched arm and into the far corner. 2-0 Madrid! 

44' Gomez squares the ball to Mosquera in the middle and continues his run, asking for the return pass. The midfielder instead tries to pick out Mir, but he's got two Madrid defenders with him and the home side come away with it.
42' Madrid are on the attack again now and look a lot more confident following the goal. They quickly move the ball upfield to Benzema in the box, but a heavy touch lets him down and Pulido is able to nick it off him.

40' MADRID LEAD! And it's a great goal to open to scoring! Hazard turns away from Nwakali and makes a driving run forward. He's a long way out when he hits the shot, but it flies past Fernandez, who's on the stretch and into the back of the net. 1-0 Madrid!

39' Ontiveros leads the attack for Huesca down the left, but he doesn't have much support joining him in the middle. He spots Mir's run and tries to square it to him, but Ramos gets there first to clear his lines.

35' Madrid are keeping Huesca penned back deep in their own half at the moment, but they're struggling to get in behind the visitors. Modric opens up some space for a cross on the left but that's cut out by Maffeo at the near post.
33' It's another good cross into the box from Marcelo on the left and this time, he picks out Asensio. He gets caught under it so his header flicks onto the far post, but Siovas gets across to it before Valverde can reach it.
31' Madrid have a lot of players in the box so Valverde whips a cross into the middle for them to run onto. He's aiming for Benzema at the far post, but it's overhit and bounces out of play.
29' CHANCE! Ontiveros swings a dangerous cross into the box from the left and Gomez, who isn't picked up, slides onto it at the far post. Courtois comes rushing off his line, but the shot is fired high over the bar.

27' Ontiveros' run down the left isn't picked up so he cuts inside and decides to have a shot from the edge of the box. He keeps it low, but a couple of deflections see it roll just wide of the near post.
25' GOOD SAVE! It's a good cross into the box from Marcelo on the left and he picks out Ramos at the post. It's a good header from the captain, but at a comfortable height for Fernandez who pushes it away.
24' Madrid have a free-kick on the right wing and Asensio swings the cross into the box. It's deep into the crowd of players in the middle, but Fernandez rushes off his line to punch it away.
22' Huesca are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment, even when they win the ball back. Ontiveros dispossesses Hazard before drifting past Marcelo, but he's stopped when Valverde brings him down.
20' OFFSIDE! Gomez chips the ball into Mir and he's one-on-one with Courtois again. This time he chips the shot over the keeper and into the far-bottom corner, but the flag goes up and it won't count.
19' It's a great move by Madrid as they move upfield with a series of one-touch passes following Ramos' clearance. It ends with Casemiro losing it on the edge of the box and going to ground, but the referee doesn't give the free-kick they're asking for.

17' Marcelo is high up the field and he swings a good cross into the near post from the left which Fernandez comes off his line to punch away. Modric picks up the rebound, but he's quickly dispossessed by Mosquera.

15' CHANCE! Modric chips his cross into the middle of the box from the left and Hazard runs onto it. It's an awkward volley in the air and his shot loops over Fernandez and lands in the roof of the net.
13' Mosquera plays a great ball over the top of Madrid's defenders to try and pick out Mir's run through the middle. He's one-on-one with Courtois, but the pass is just out of his reach on the stretch and the keeper collects it.

11' Madrid have only lost one home game in LaLiga against newly-promoted teams under Zidane (W10 D1), losing 0-1 to Cadiz on October 17th - the only match in this run where they've failed to score.
9' Huesca win the ball back on the halfway line and are straight on the attack as Ontiveros is picked out on the left. He cuts inside and decides to have a go from distance, but it rolls wide of the near post.
7' CLOSE! Maffeo chips the ball over Marcelo and into Mir's path and he makes a driving run to get on the end of it and away from Militao. He cuts into the box and has a shot from a tight angle, but can only find the side netting.

6' Nwakali plays a good throughball forward on the right and picks out Maffeo's run. The right-back brushes Marcelo aside but a heavy touch then takes it away from him and Ramos comes over to collect it.
4' Madrid move the ball quickly upfield and Asensio is picked out in a lot of space on the right of the box. He tries to square it into Benzema at the far post, but Pulido reads it well and clears his lines.
2' Valverde weaves between Huesca's midfielders to get into a pocket of space before laying it off to Asensio. He's a long way from goal but sets himself for a shot but Siovas gets a toe on the ball to send it to Fernandez.
1' Benzema gets the game underway for Madrid!