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Manchester United vs RB Leipzig Highlights

Manchester United vs RB Leipzig Live Score


90' + 2' GOAL! MAN UNITED 5-0 RB LEIPZIG! Rashford grabs a Champions League hat-trick! Martial draws in a few Leipzig defenders and lays off to Rashford in the box. Rashford takes a touch and spanks the ball past Gulacsi. The young man is on fire.

85' PENALTY TO MAN UNITED! Sabitzer scythes down Martial in the box right in front of Gulacsi. It's a clear penalty.

78' GOAL! MAN UNITED 3-0 RB LEIPZIG! Rashford grabs a quick-fire second, and within the blink of an eye Leipzig have gone from very much in the match to completely out of it. Upamecano's error presents the ball to the striker who absolutely lashes the ball into the back of the net.

74' GOAL! MAN UNITED 2-0 RB LEIPZIG! Fernandes finds Rashford with a sumptuous pass. Rashford times his run perfectly, dashing from inside his own half to get one-on-one with Gulacsi and fire into the net. The offside flag goes up but Rashford was clearly in his own half as the ball was played, so he can't be offside! VAR takes a look and the goal is given! Rashford played to the whistle and reaped the rewards!

45' Man United get the second half going. No changes for either side at half-time.


21' GOAL! MAN UNITED 1-0 RB LEIPZIG! Greenwood gives the hosts the lead! Pogba goes on a mazy run forward and times his pass through to Greenwood to perfection. Greenwood latches on it and dispatches it calmly into the bottom right corner. There's a quick VAR check for offside and the goal stands!

20' Martial goes down off the ball after a collision with Konate but play carries on. United are finding it hard to get around the back of Leipzig at the moment.
18' United pop the ball around for a while, going nowhere in particular. Matic decides to play it forward for Greenwood and ends up giving it away. United will be relying heavily on their wing-backs for width in this game.
17' A nice turn from Martial takes him away from Kampl. It's a promising attack for United but Shaw can't quite find van der Beek to keep it going. Nkunku is in space for a switched pass but Leipzig can't get the ball over to him in time. United sort themselves out quickly.
16' Shaw sends a ball down the line and Greenwood races Halstenberg to it. The young Englishman ends up fouling the centre-back in his eagerness to win it.
15' Matic ventures too far out wide and keeps the ball in play at the expense of losing possession. Leipzig break forward and Fred is there to tidy things up for United.
13' Leipzig are playing very patiently at the moment. The visitors look energetic off the ball and calm on it.
11' Henrichs and Olmo combine nicely to carry Leipzig down the right hand side. Olmo squares for Forsberg and United get in the way.
10' Martial darts in behind Leipzig's defence to cross from the right-hand channel. Martial cuts back looking for Pogba but does it a second too late, allowing Leipzig to clear. These are good early signs from United.
9' Halstenberg telegraphs his next pass to Fred who intercepts. Luckily for Leipzig, Man United don't manage to get sight of goal.
8' Pogba looks to find Wan-Bissaka with an angled pass wide right but doesn't get the power right. You can forgive the Frenchman for looking a little rusty early on.
7' United take the corner quickly and Shaw rattles a shot into the head of Poulsen. Poulsen knew nothing about it but it was heading on target.
6' Chance for Man United! Shaw floats the free-kick to Maguire at the far post and United's captain heads it back towards the middle. It lands to Fred who forces a diving save from Gulacsi! It'll be a United corner.

5' Man United get a free-kick in midfield for Kampl's foul on Pogba. United try to play on but the referee pulls play back. Shaw will take the free-kick.
4' Man United get a sniff of possession but Matic is forced to hurry with the ball and Leipzig soon win it back. The two teams are still scoping each other out.
3' Leipzig dictate the early possession. They're playing with a back three here to better handle Man United's two strikers.
1' The Slovenian referee Matej Jug blows his whistle and Leipzig get us underway here in Manchester!