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Fortuna Düsseldorf vs Borussia Dortmund Live Score

90' + 5' GOOOAAALLL! Haaland has surely won it for Dortmund, they lead 1-0! A superb header in the final minute of additional time, he glances the ball into the far right-hand corner of the net, just out of the reach of Kastenmeier. 

65' Just moments after the Dusseldorf chance at the other end, Dortmund go on the counter and Guerreiro appears to volley them ahead. Haaland tries to work space for a shot on the edge of the box, but it's blocked and then bounces up, hits Guerreiro, before dropping down and he produces a superb volley to beat Kastenmeier. However, VAR are taking a look at it because it appears to hit the upper arm or shoulder of the Dortmund man in the build up.
64' CHANCE! Sobottka with Dusseldorf's best opportunity of the game, it comes after Thommy is bundled to the ground on the edge of the box, but plays goes on and Sobottka picks up the rebound, smashing it towards the Dortmund goal, but Burki makes a terrific save to deny him.
63' Both teams seem to be trying to break forward on the counter attack at the moment, but it's not quite working. Haaland certainly offers something different up top for Dortmund, if they can get him on the ball.

58' Yellow Card Thorgan Hazard
56' Another corner now for Dusseldorf, after Piszczekis forced to turn the ball out of play. The hosts have been the better side so far in the second half, with Dortmund hardly venturing into the Dusseldorf half so far.
54' Dusseldorf haven’t won more Bundesliga games against any other side than they have versus Dortmund (15, the same as against Stuttgart, Bremen and Mönchengladbach).
52' Dusseldorf are keeping the ball nicely at the moment, they look much more confident than in the first half and Dortmund aren't having it their way.
50' Almost! Karaman dribbles his way into the penalty area, after good link up play in the final third by Dusseldorf, however, he gets crowded out by the Dortmund defence and his shot lacks power to beat Burki, who easily gathers.
48' Dusseldorf have a corner early in the second half here, which is nicely whipped into the box, but Hummels reads it well and heads the ball clear. Dortmund try to counter up the pitch, but Hazard is unable to latch onto a through ball.
46' The second half is under way!
43' Dortmund have scored 20 goals in their six Bundesliga away games in 2020 (W5, L1). They have netted at least twice in every match so far.
41' Dusseldorf will want to hear the half-time whistle now, they have everyone back inside their own half and when they do manage to get a touch on the ball, they are struggling to string more than a couple of passes together.
39' There's not long left to play before the end of the first half now, can either side break the deadlock before the half-time whistle?
37' Dusseldorf try to break forward on the counter, with Ayhan winning the ball in midfield, but he then plays a sideways pass to no-one and Hazard returns possession to Dortmund.
35' Thommy has been fouled quite a lot so far, the latest coming from Hazard, with the winger colliding with the Dusseldorf man late.
33' Haaland is back on the bench for Dortmund, so he is likely to be called on in the second half is the scoreline remains goalless. The Dusseldorf players are camped inside their own half with everyone back behind the ball.
33' Haaland is back on the bench for Dortmund, so he is likely to be called on in the second half is the scoreline remains goalless. The Dusseldorf players are camped inside their own half with everyone back behind the ball.
31' It only looks like a matter of time now before Dortmund get the opening goal, they are dominating the game and look very comfortable, with Dusseldorf struggling to keep a grip on Brandt and Sancho.
29' SAVE! Strong stop by Kastenmeier to deny Brandt, after lovely link up by between him and Sancho in the penalty area. However, the shot towards goal is too close to the keeper and Kastenmeier made a good save.
28' Dusseldorf’s 2-1 home win on matchday 16 last season was Dortmund’s first league defeat of 2018-19 – the table toppers had previously won 12 and drawn three of their Bundesliga matches that term.
26' Dusseldorf are yet to have a chance in the final third to test Burki, with the Dortmund keeper not yet having much to do in goal. It's been very comfortable at the back so far for the visitors.
24' CHANCE! Superb defending by Hoffmann after Brandt is played through on goal by Sancho, wonderful play by the winger to see Brandt only have Kastenmeier to beat. However, Hoffmann produced an excellent sliding tackle, to see the ball go out of play for a goal kick.
23' Despite Dusseldorf looking strong in midfield, their defence is now starting to get opened up, with the attacking trio of Dortmund starting to find more and more space in the final third.
21' Injury concern to Dusseldorf here, with Thommy down on the pitch after a heavy collision with Piszczek as they both went for the ball. However, it looks like the striker will be fine to continue.
19' Prior to that Hakimi chance a few minutes ago, Dusseldorf will be pleased with the start they have made to the game, having kept Dortmund away from their final third for the most part.
17' HUGE CHANCE! Dortmund break forward straight from the Dusseldorf corner and Hakimiis released through on goal to the left by Sancho and only had Kastenmeier to beat, but he is unable to slide the ball underneath the keeper and Kastenmeier makes a terrific save to deny Dortmund the lead. Hakimi should've scored! The Dusseldorf defence then manage to get back and stop the rebound from going in.
17' Dusseldorf now with their first corner of the game, which they take short and Tommy tries to whip a cross into the box from a different angle, but it is well blocked and Dortmund clear the danger.
15' Dusseldorf have only won one of their six competitive games against Dortmund since 2000 (D2, L3): 2-1 at home last season in the Bundesliga.
13' Wasted opportuntity! The free-kick is whipped low into the penalty area, but the Dusseldof players don't read it and Burki comfortably gathers and clears the danger.
12' Free-kick in a decent position for Dusseldorf after Tommy is caught by Piszczek and now the hosts have the opportunity to get the ball into the box and create an attacking opportunity.
10' Dortmund win the first corner of the game, which Sancho whips into the penalty area and Can meets it, but he is unable to generate any power behind it and Kastenmeier comfortably gathers.
9' The game is being played at a pretty slow pace so far, both teams are just settling into it and passes it around their defence and midfield.
7' Despite there being no supporters inside the stadium, the home side have loud chanting going on to create an atmosphere as the games goes on. No chances for either team so far.
5' Dusseldorf are trying to catch the Dortmund defence off guard by playing deep balls behind them and letting Thommy and Stoger run onto them. However, the visitors defence are playing a high line so far and catching the forwards offside.
3' Both teams are starting off with a three at the back, allowing more width down the wings to get forward any attack. So far it's Dortmund keeping the early possession in midfield.
1' We're under way!