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Red Bull Salzburg vs Liverpool Highlights

Salzburg vs Liverpool – Highlights

62' Liverpool look like they've got in behind Salzburg once again as Firmino plays a good throughball in between the defenders to try and pick out Salah. He's running onto it, but Stankovic is quickly out of his box to clear it away. 
60' It's all Liverpool at the moment as they go on the attack after winning the ball back from Salzburg once again. They look confident going forward, but Robertson can't pick out a team-mate in the box with a cross this time. 
58' IT'S BRILLIANT FROM SALAH! The goalkeeper has come a long way off his line to close down Salah, but he rounds the goalkeeper and curls his effort just inside the far post from a tight angle just outside the box on the right wing. It's a wonderful goal by the Egyptian! 2-0 Liverpool!


57' KEITA HEADS LIVERPOOL AHEAD! He has so much room in the middle of the box and he has an empty net to aim for as Mane has dragged the goalkeeper towards him. It's a good header from the midfielder and Junuzovic can't get across in time to block it before it hits the back of the net. 1-0 Liverpool! 

55' Szoboszlai does really well to hold off Alexander-Arnold and turn to whip a cross into the box for Salzburg. It's a good ball into the penalty area, but none of his team-mates have made a run to get on the end of it. 

53' Substitution Dejan Lovren Joe Gomez 
52' Lovren is down and receiving some treatment at the moment for what looks like an injury to his right knee. Klopp is looking to his bench and it doesn't look like the defender is going to be able to carry on. 

46' Salzburg get the game back underway for the second half!


45' + 1' GOOD SAVE! Salzburg have a lot of defenders back but they can't deal with the pace of Liverpool's counter-attack as Salah squares the ball to Keita just inside the box. The midfielder tries to lift his shot over the keeper, but Stankovic gets a hand to it to deny him. 

44' Hwang wins the ball back from Lovren in a dangerous position and tries to pick out his strike partner with a throughball into the box. He was one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but the flag went up for offside. 
42' Mwepu picks up the ball outside the box and decides to have a shot from a long way out. It's a good strike, but it's straight down the middle of the goal which makes it an easy save for Alisson. 
40' Minamino once again picks up the ball in the middle of the field and instantly turns and tries to pick out a forward pass. He fizzes a pass into Haaland on the edge of the box, but his first touch is poor which takes it away from him. 
38' All of Salzburg's possession is in their own half at the minute as they patiently wait for some space to open up in midfield. Onguene manages to find some and plays a throughball to Ulmer who looks for Minamino, but Robertson gets enough the ball on it to stop their attack. 
38' All of Salzburg's possession is in their own half at the minute as they patiently wait for some space to open up in midfield. Onguene manages to find some and plays a throughball to Ulmer who looks for Minamino, but Robertson gets enough the ball on it to stop their attack. 
36' Liverpool are struggling to find any space on the edge of the box due to how tightly Salzburg's defence is staying. Keita tries to squeeze a pass through to Salah and get him in on goal, but it's intercepted by Wober. 
34' Salah steps up to take the free-kick that he won and he's trying to pick out the top right corner with his shot. He curls his effort over the wall, but there's no dip on it and it sails high over the crossbar.

28' Salzburg get in behind Liverpool yet again as Minamino chips a pass forward to Hwang on the right of the box. It looks like he's going to get in on goal, but Robertson gets back and makes a brilliant tackle to take the ball away from him. 
26' Liverpool are just slowing the pace of the game down a little bit now, with Henderson dropping a little deeper in his own half to help out the defenders. Alexander-Arnold eventually tries to pick out Mane, but his pass is cut out by Kristensen. 
24' GOOD CHANCE! The build-up from Salzburg is brilliant before Minamino slides a throughball forward to Haaland. Lovren is tight to him, but the forward manages to squeeze his effort on target and Alisson comes across to deny him. 
22' It's end-to-end here at the moment as both teams chase the opening goal. Salzburg are on the attack now and Minamino drifts into the box from the left to get a shot away, but his effort is blocked by Lovren. 
20' GOOD SAVE! Mane pulls away from Kristensen, cuts inside and curls a shot towards goal from the left of the box which is pushed away by Stankovic. Keita latches onto the loose ball and fires his shot on target but it's blocked well by Onguene. 
19' Mane wins a free-kick for Liverpool in a good position on the left wing and Robertson comes forward to take it. He whips a cross into the box, but it's blocked by the wall and Salzburg get it clear.
17' Salzburg have won 15 and lost just one of their last 20 home games in European competition (including qualifiers), but that defeat did come last time out against Napoli. 
15' Minamino's chipped pass to Haaland is overhit and Lovren is waiting for Alisson to come and collect it. He's being closed down by Hwang though and the defender has to clear his lines quickly before he's dispossessed. 
13' Mane squares the ball out to Robertson who finds himself in some space on the left of the box. He drills a low cross into the middle, but Wober makes a good block to clear the danger for Salzburg.

11' Alexander-Arnold spots Mane making a darting run down the left and switches play to him with an excellent cross-field pass. The forward reaches it but just takes it out of play as he tries to run past Onguene.

9' Haaland isn't closed down on the left and he whips a great cross into the middle of the box which is missed by his team-mates. Hwang drifts out to get on the rebound but his way into the penalty area is blocked by Van Dijk.
7' GREAT DOUBLE SAVE! Salzburg move upfield quickly on the counter-attack and Hwang gets in behind Robertson. He cuts back inside to have his shot and Alisson gets a strong hand to it. It bounces back to Minamino but he's denied by the keeper's other hand.

6' Liverpool win the ball back high up the field and Mane has a chance to run down the left. He cuts inside and tries to curl a shot into the far post from a tight angle, but it's just wide of the target and Alexander-Arnold can't turn in the rebound.  
4' GOOD SAVE! It's a great pass over the top of Salzburg's defence by Lovren and Salah brings it down well with his first touch. He fires his effort towards goal from the right of the box and Stankovic makes himself big to make the save. 
2' Liverpool don't clear their lines properly from a corner and they are put under pressure by Salzburg. The ball falls to Szoboszlai just outside the box and he decides to go for goal himself, but he sends his effort wide of the post. 
1' Henderson gets the game underway for Liverpool!