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Burnley 1-4 Man City: Jesus at the double in comfortable Turf Moor win

Burnley 1-4 Man City: Jesus at the double in comfortable Turf Moor win


89' BURNLEY HAVE ONE BACK! The game opened right up and Burnley were able to catch City out. Hendrick squared the ball across the box and Brady ran onto it. He got a lot of power behind the shot, firing it under Ederson's outstretched arm and into the back of the net. 4-1!

87' AND IT'S FOUR! Mee doesn't close Mahrez and the substitute is allowed to get into a better position to get his shot away. He drills it from the edge of the box and his effort nestles into the bottom corner of the net. 4-0 City!

77' Mahrez plays a one-two with Bernardo Silva on the right to make more space for himself before whipping a cross into the six-yard box where Jesus is making his run. Tarkowski gets back quickly though and heads it out of play for a corner.

70' Jesus has dropped a little deeper to get hold of the ball and he spots Angelino's run down the left wing. The ball gets caught under his feet though and he ends up overhitting the pass and sending it straight out of play.

68' IT'S A BRILLIANT GOAL! David Silva is being tightly marked by Mee and his shot is blocked, but it bounces out to Rodri, who is just outside the box. He lets it bounce and hits it on the volley and it swerves away from Pope and into the top right corner. 3-0 City!

67' Angelino is brought down by McNeil, but the referee plays an advantage as Sterling comes away with the ball. He makes a good run into the box but sees his shot blocked by Tarkowski. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as he was offside.
63' Jesus has scored eight goals in his last nine starts away from home in the Premier League, including five goals in five away starts in the competition this season.
61' Barnes' first involvement was winning a free-kick in a dangerous position for Burnley. McNeil is standing over it and he curls his effort over the wall and towards the near post, but it's a comfortable save for Ederson.

55' Burnley are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment as they just can't get hold of the ball. City look very confident in possession now and are looking for their third goal of the match.
53' CLOSE! Burnley just can't get close to City at the moment as Jesus picks up the ball on the left of the box. It's a very tight angle, but he goes for goal anyway and curls his effort just past the far post.

50' JESUS SCORES AGAIN! He's not picked up by the Burnley defenders as he gets in front of Bardsley at the near post to get onto Bernardo Silva's cross. He takes the shot on the volley and fires it over Pope and into the roof of the net. 2-0 City!

48' Sterling dribbles past his defender to get in the box and squares a low pass into Jesus. It's just behind the Brazilian though and Burnley manage to get it clear before De Bruyne can latch onto the loose ball.
46' City get the game back underway for the second half!


43' GOOD SAVE! City break quickly on the counter-attack and Bernardo Silva finds himself in a lot of space on the right side of the box. He sets himself for the shot and strikes it well, but Pope denies him as he kicks it away from his goal.
42' GOOD CHANCE! Lennon uses a quick burst of pace to pull away from Angelino on the right and whips a good cross into the box. It runs through to McNeil at the far post and he hits his shot on the volley, but it's blocked by Otamendi.
40' Burnley just can't keep hold of the ball long enough at the moment to get out of their own half. Each time they try to break on the counter-attack, they give it away with a sloppy pass and invite more pressure onto themselves.

32' GOOD SAVE! It's a brilliant cross into the six-yard box from De Bruyne, who is allowed too much space on the right. Sterling gets to it first and pokes it towards goal, but as Pope is diving to his right, he manages to kick the ball away.

31' Sterling makes a quick break down the left for City and picks out David Silva who makes the overlapping run. His cross is intercepted by Tarkowski who is getting closed down quickly by Jesus, but he just manages to get it clear.
29' It's McNeil that swings the free-kick into the box for Burnley and he picks out Pieters in the middle of the box. He has to stretch to reach it but manages to get a shot towards goal. The home players are claiming it hit a hand, but the referee waves away the claims.
27' David Silva has just gone in late on Cork and Burnley have a free-kick in a good position in the middle of City's half.

25' De Bruyne went down in the build-up to the goal as he was caught late by Bardsley and he's receiving some treatment for that while the celebrations carry on. He's back on his feet now though and he'll be able to carry on.

24' JESUS SCORES! He cuts back onto his right foot after getting the ball from David Silva and curls his effort towards the far side netting from the left of the box. Pope is beaten and City have the lead. 1-0 City!

21' Bernardo Silva uses some very clever footwork to dribble past both Pieters and McNeil down the right side and manages to squeeze a cross in from the byline. Pope comes off his line to collect it though.
19' Burnley are starting to grow into the game a little more now and are keeping City pegged back in and around their own box. Lennon makes a run down the right so he can put a cross into the penalty area, but the away side do just enough to get it clear.
17' Lennon decides to take a more direct approach to getting the ball into the box as he plays a pass over the top of City's defence up towards Wood. It's slightly overhit though and Ederson comes off his line to collect it. 
15' Bernardo Silva picks up the first yellow card of the game after he catches the back of Pieters' heels.
14' Pieters can't get close to De Bruyne down the right at the moment and he puts a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. None of his team-mates have gambled for it though and it runs through to Tarkowski who clears it. 
12' It's sloppy from Drinkwater as he gives the ball straight back to City and De Bruyne picks it up on the halfway line. He has support with him as he makes the run to the edge of the box, but doesn't look to them. He keeps his shot low, but it's straight down the middle at Pope.
10' Bernardo Silva does really well to create some space for himself on the edge of the box as he cuts inside and wrongfoots Mee. He goes for goal himself, but the defender recovers well and makes the block.
4' As the ball is played through to Sterling, it takes a deflection off Bardsley which takes it into Jesus' path. He makes a run straight into Burnley's box and gets the better of Mee, but the flag goes up for offside.
2' City have been keeping the ball well in the opening couple of minutes here as they steadily work their way upfield. Bernardo Silva lays it off to De Bruyne on the left, but his cross goes straight to Pope.
1' Drinkwater gets the game underway for Burnley!