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90' + 1' Two minutes added on here. Dembele gets the ball at the edge of the area, jinks from one way to the other about eight times, and carries it 30 yards backwards in the process.

85' GOAL! 4-1 Barca, an unexpected banger from Busquets! Dembele holds the ball up on the left before crossing towards the back post. The cross is headed away by Junca but only as far as Busquets at the edge of the area, and the midfielder takes a touch before slapping it into the bottom-left corner.
83' Fernandez gets in behind courtesy of being about two yards offside, but nevertheless he makes the questionable decision of running slowly towards Ter Stegen and then gently kicking the ball at him. Underwhelming.
82' Barca's Suarez steps to the right and fires towards the bottom-left corner from range, but he doesn't catch the shot right and drags it wide.

73' Griezmann's work for the night is done, as he's replaced by Suarez.
73' Dembele puts in a low cross in between the line of the six-yard box and the penalty spot from the right, but Messi can't quite stretch a foot out to it.
72' Barca are howling for a penalty after a robust challenge from Lobotka on Messi, but the referee isn't interested. He had exchanged passes with Griezmann at the edge of the area - the Frenchman has been much more involved since the hour mark.

60' Dembele carries the ball down the right before coming infield and looking for Messi with a dinked pass into the area. He shields it from Aidoo and exchanges passes with Griezmann, but Barca can't find a way through and they recycle possession back into midfield.
58' After a good spell from Celta, Barca are just looking to take the sting out of things. That means holding onto the ball and little niggly fouls, so it's not a great watch. 
56' Before this game, Celta had earned nine points from their first 12 matches in La Liga this season, their worst total at this stage since 1985/86 (seven points, assuming three per win). They could really do with getting something here and, to be fair to them, they're well on top at the moment.
55' Sisto gets in behind down the left, but he has no support and Umtiti and Pique force him out to a difficult angle. In the end, he fires a powerful low shot towards goal but Ter Stegen makes an easy save thanks to his defenders' good work.

48' GOOOOAALLL! WHAT IS ANYBODY SUPPOSED TO DO?! 3-1 BARCA, MESSI HAT-TRICK! Barca get a free-kick just outside the area and Messi curls it inside the right post. Blanco knows exactly what he's going to do and he can't get near it. This is just ridiculous. Somebody stop him.


45' + 1' GOOOOAAAAL! 2-1 BARCA! Messi bends the free-kick into the top corner, because of course he does! It might as well have been a penalty. 25 yards out, slightly to the right of centre, left foot, top-right corner. Honestly, it's just stupid how good he is at those.

42' GOOOAAALLL!! 1-1! What a strike from Olaza! The free-kick is to the right of centre, eight yards or so outside the penalty area, and the left-back steps up to bend a brilliant left-footed strike into the bottom-right corner.

23' GOAL! 1-0 Barca, Messi scores from the spot! He jogs up and strokes the spot-kick left-footed into the bottom-left corner. Blanco falls the other way. It isn't exactly deserved, but Barca lead.