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Astana vs Manchester United Live Score


90' + 3' Astana have everyone back in their own box now as United pile bodies forward in an attempt to get a very late equaliser. Lingard is trying to dribble his way into the box, but there's no space for him and the home side win the ball back.

78' ANOTHER GREAT SAVE! Gomes cuts back and curls his cross into the box and picks out Greenwood in the middle. The striker has to quickly adjust to hit the shot first time and Eric makes a diving save to keep the shot out.
77' WONDERFUL SAVE! United have a free-kick just outside the box and Gomes is stepping up to take it. He curls his effort over the wall and it's heading into the top corner, but Eric gets across his line to push it away with his hand.

75' United just can't keep up with the pace of Astana's attacks and Murtazayev drifts into the left side of the box and decides to have a shot. He's beaten Grant with the effort, but he can't find the inside of the post.
73' GREAT CHANCE! It's a wonderful counter-attack from Astana that starts with a long ball across the field from Shomko to Beysebekov. He finds Khizhnichenko who then touches it onto Sigurjonsson, but his drilled effort is just wide of the post.

62' ASTANA LEAD! Rukavina switched out to the right to get onto the ball and he drills his cross into the box. Bernard gets across to try and block it, but it takes a huge deflection off the defender to sail over Grant and into the back of the net. 2-1 Astana!

61' United's passing has started to get sloppy in the last few minutes as they try to move the ball upfield quickly in an attempt to get their lead back. Garner fizzes a pass into Greenwood, but the striker just can't control it and they lose possession again.

55' THEY'RE LEVEL! Astana go straight down the other end and Murtazayev slots the ball through to Shomko on the left of the box. Bernard can't close him down quickly enough and he fires it into the far bottom corner to level the score. 1-1!

52' It's a good spell of possession for United at the moment and Garner plays a good throughball to Lingard who turns to run at goal. A heavy touch takes it away from him before he can pick out Greenwood though and Logvinenko comes away with it.

50' There's a handball from Greenwood on the right wing and Astana have a free-kick. Rotariu floats the ball into the box and Postnikov is there to get on the end of it, but his header is straight at Grant.

46' Astana get us back underway for the second half! 

37' United just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment as Astana continue to push bodies forward in search of an equaliser. It's a good spell of possession from the home side, but a loose touch from Murtazayev puts the ball out of play.

24' Lingard has scored just his second goal in 2019 for United, and his first in 29 appearances in all competitions since netting against Arsenal in the FA Cup in January, 307 days ago.
22' GREAT CHANCE! Beysebekov cuts inside and plays a low cross towards the far post where Rotariu is running onto it. Barnard doesn't spot his run but the midfielder sends his effort just wide of the target.
21' GOOD CHANCE! Lingard has another shot on goal, this time looking for the same corner as his goal. Eric is beaten, but the captain just drags his shot wide of the woodwork.

10' UNITED LEAD! He takes quite a heavy first touch but he isn't closed down by Astana's defenders and he drills his low show through the crowd of players into the box and into the bottom corner with the help of a slight deflection. 1-0 United!

7' Greenwood touches it onto Gomes who dribbles his way past two defenders. He just takes one too many touches though which allows Logvinenko to get across and get it away from him before he can have a shot.
5' GOOD CHANCE! It's a good throughball to Greenwood on the left side of the box from Lingard and he gets past his defender before firing his shot on target, but it's a comfortable save for Eric to make as he palms it away.
4' United are passing it around confidently in Astana's half at the minute, but without doing too much with it. It's switched out to Gomes in the left, but he has to cut back inside as there's no way into the box for him.
2' Rotariu spots Murtazayev's run ahead of him down the left and plays a good throughball to him. The forward has a good first touch, but Tuanzebe gets across to make a challenge and put the ball out for a corner.
1' Greenwood gets the game underway for United!