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Manchester United announce Maguire signing on six-year contract

Harry Maguire, Leicester City defender, officially moved to Manchester United during the current summer transfer period.


Manchester United, through its official website, announced the signing of Maguire, for 6 seasons with the option of extension for another year.

United have not disclosed the value of the deal, but press reports have confirmed the agreement was made between the two clubs to pay 80 million pounds.

If officially announced, Maguire will become the most expensive defender in history, surpassing Dutchman Virgil Van Dijk, who moved to Liverpool from Southampton for 75 million pounds in January 2018.

Leicester, through the club's official website, thanked Maguire for his contribution to the ongoing growth over the past two seasons.

He also thanked the club for his commitment to his club and his teammates during the recent negotiations with United.