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What are the new Premier League rule changes for 2019/20?

To prevent time-wasting, players will now have to leave the pitch at the nearest point.

Now, rather than having to cross the pitch or make their way back to the dug-out, players will go off at the closest sideline.

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If there are more than three players in a defensive wall (so pretty much every free-kick that will be a shot at goal) attackers are not allowed within one yard of the wall.

This rule change will put an end to the pushing, shoving, pulling and tugging that causes aggravation for pretty much every referee.

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This rule is a direct result of VAR.

A player is currently booked for any over-exuberant celebrations, jumping into the crowd or taking a shirt off and so on.

Now imagine a player scores, celebrates in that fashion and VAR chalks the goal off.

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With the new Premier League season little more than two months away, the most hotly anticipated rule change for next season surrounds Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR), which has been used in major matches with varying degrees of success so far.