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Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid Live Score

1'| 1 - 0 GOOOALLLLL! ATLETI SCORE IN THE FIRST MINUTE! Lemar wins the ball down the left, lays the ball over to Felix who slipped Costa into the penalty area, where the latter shot a right-footed effort across his body and into the bottom-left corner of goal! What a start! Real Madrid 0-1 Atletico Madrid

8' | 2 - 0 GOOALLL!!!!! ATLETICO MADRID DOUBLE THEIR LEAD! Felix scores his first-ever goal for his new club having poked a ball, that was cut back to him by Niguez, into the centre of the goal! Atleti supporters will certainly be hoping that's the first of many for the Portuguese wunderkind! Real Madrid 0-2 Atletico Madrid

19'|  3 - 0 GOOALLLL! It's three for Atletico Madrid! After a beautiful chipped pass in, Correa hit his shot first time and buried it into the bottom-left corner of goal with Courtois left just staring! What a match thus far for Atleti! Real Madrid 0-3 Atletico Madrid

28' | 4 - 0 GOOALLLL!!!! ATLETI SCORE THEIR FOURTH! After a scuffed clearance by Ramos, Niguez passed the ball to Costa in the box who eyed up the right of goal before cutting the ball back into the bottom-left corner! This is getting embarrassing for Real Madrid now! Real Madrid 0-4 Atletico Madrid

45'| 5 - 0 GOOALLLL!!!! IT'S FIVE FOR ATLETICO MADRID! Deigo Costa stepped up from the penalty and, after seeing Courtois begin to dive, placed the ball into the space that the goalkeeper had just vacated in the centre of the goal! Real Madrid 0-5 Atletico Madrid

51' |6 - 0 GOOALLL! Atletico Madrid have scored their sixth goal of the match! Felix slipped Costa into the penalty area and the Spaniard chipped Navas with the ball landing into an open net for yet another Atleti goal! Real Madrid 0-6 Atletico Madrid

60' | 6 - 1 GOOOALLLL!!! Real Madrid open their account! Eden Hazard pushes down the left before cutting the ball into Nacho who scored with a backheel though, it must be said, it seemed the latter knew very little about it. The goal still counts though obviously, and now it's just the five goals left to score for Zidane's side to level things up. Real Madrid 1-6 Atletico Madrid

70' | 7 - 1 GOOALLLL!!!! Atleti make it seven! Vitolo drove forward through the midfield, dropped the shoulder, dribbled into the penalty area, and then curled an effort into the bottom-left corner of goal! What a fantastic solo effort! Real Madrid 1-7 Atletico Madrid

85' | 7 - 2  GOOALLLLL!!! Real Madrid score their second goal! Karim Benzema stepped up from the spot, sent Oblak the wrong way, and then tucked the ball inside the right post! It's obviously not enough, but it's something for Los Blancos. Real Madrid 2-7 Atletico Madrid

89' | 7 - 3 GOOALLLLL!!!! Madrid have scored their third goal of the match! De La Fuente rose and headed a ball that hit the post and bounced across the face of goal until Hernandez hammered it into the back of the net with Oblak stranded! The scoreline looks a touch more respectable now. Real Madrid 3-7 Atletico Madrid