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Arsenal secure loan signing from Real Madrid

Arsenal are looking to clinch a contract with Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos during the summer transfer.


According to the newspaper "Marca" Spanish, may be announced the transfer of Cybayos to the ranks of Arsenal, on loan on Tuesday, the same day when the two teams will meet friendly in the preparations for the new season.

Unai Emery, Arsenal's coach, has put Ceballos at the top of the list of wanted to strengthen the midfield of the guns, where the club has already made an official offer to join.

Ceballos suffered the last two seasons with Real Madrid, where he did not get a chance to participate continuously, while Arsenal will be able to give him the opportunity to participate in 40 games during the new season.

Ceballos led Spain under the age of 21 to win the European Youth Championship and is due to join Real Madrid on Tuesday after the end of his holiday and wait for Real's approval of Arsenal's offer.