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Antoine Griezmann ‘Reconsidering Barcelona Move’ After Underwhelming Season With Atletico Madrid

French newspaper reports revealed the possibility of the departure of the star Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid for the ranks of Barcelona next summer.

According to the newspaper "L'Equipe", which confirmed that the player rethinking the time to present the club Barcelona, ​​after the departure of his team from the Champions League.

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Grizmann had an offer from Barcelona last summer to join the club for 120 million euros is the value of the penalty clause in his contract with Atletico Madrid.

The player refused the offer after many sources speculated that the player had already become Catalonia, went on air and announced his decision to renew to Atletico Madrid.

The Atletico Madrid team left the Champions League a few days ago against Juventus after having advanced two goals in the first leg.

It is worth mentioning that the current penalty clause in the contract of Griezmann equivalent to 200 million euros will decrease, according to the "makeup" for 120 million in July.