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Diego Maradona slams Lionel Messi

Diego Maradona tried to defend Lionel Messi against naysayers in Argentine however over up criticising the metropolis begin on the program 'The Last Word Mexico' when he said you can't call someone a leader "who goes to the bathroom 20 times before every game."

"Messi could be a nice player however he goesn't tumble. Before speaking to the manager, he will be on the PlayStation and then on the field, he asks to be and needs to be the leader. he's the simplest within the world together with Cristiano," said Maradona.

Maradona has been confirmative of Messi's struggles with Argentina however has been even as fast to show around and and belittle the attacker.

Messi goes to the bathroom 20 times before every game

But then came the criticism that may reverberate round the world."It's useless to make a leader of a guy who goes to the bathroom 20 times before a game. do not worship Messi any longer. Messi at Barcelona is one issue and with Argentina he's another one."

And the Argentine legend goes on to mention he would not be line of work Messi for the national team. "I wouldn't call Messi but never say never. You have to take the pressure off him in order to get the leader we want Messi to be, that he will not be. You enlighten Messi to 'throw yourself in head first' however he prefers to play videogames," Maradona says.