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Luis Suarez: 'Win most important thing'

Luis Suarez has discovered that he was wanting to "help the team" with goals, however has insisted that winning matches is that the most vital issue for metropolis.

Suarez did not register in Barcelona's initial 2 La Liga matches of the 2018-19 campaign, however reticulate  a brace in Sunday's 8-2 convert Huesca at Camp Nou.

The Spanish champions have currently collected most points from their 3 matches this term, and Suarez has same that "being high is often important".

"I needed to assist the team and what is most vital is that we have a tendency to won, a bit like alternative games," Suarez told Marca.

"I suppose that we're obtaining there in terms of tempo and that is the most issue. we have a tendency to started off a small amount sleepily and clearly they scored, however that gave U.S. a push to react and play. Being high is often vital, however we've scarcely begun."

Barcelona can come to La Liga action with a visit to Real Sociedad on Sep fifteen.